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Aqua HD has more than 60 years of experience between them in the field of international water purification. We were backed by Israel's Terralab Incubator and the Chief Scientist of the Israel Innovation Authority for our pilot projects and won second prize in the India-Israel Innovation Challenge.

We are now fully commercialised and sell our solution in a number of countries and for different applications over the world. 

Daniel Ityel, CEO

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Veteran of the water industry with over 20 years experience in water filtration. During his career, Daniel was involved in numerous water filtration projects.


Daniel brings experience in development of new technologies, marketing and sales

Udi Leshem, BSD

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Udi has 15 year' experience in the wastewater treatment sector. He worked as an engineer for Hazen and Sawyer in NYC, sales manager for Siemens Water Technologies, and VP business development for Aqwise.


Udi is the co-founder and CEO of Aquanos. 

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Oleg Mikheev, Chief Engineer

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Oleg has more than 10 years experience in the design and manufacturing of water and wastewater reactors.


He was the Chief Engineer in Idan B Plastic LTD specialized in manufacturing customized polymer based reactors for fluids.

Shaher Madmoni, Co-Founder

Independent mechanical engineer and FEM/CFD/MBD consultant with over 8 years of specialization in running complex simulations for top tech companies such as IAI and Applied Materials. A designer of accurate MBD systems for optimized systems.

Roee Korem,

Process Engineer & PM

A certified water engineer and a graduate of Kinneret College.


Roee has experience in medium size projects management is responsible for the water process testing and data analyzing at AQUA HD.

TerraLab Ventures

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Terralab management team has more than 80 accumulated years of experience in start-ups, entrepreneurship, management, finance, science, biotechnology & cleantech.


Collectively, the team has managed more than $2 billion in portfolio projects.

Yossi Einav,

Technical Manager

Yossi has more than 30 years experience in managing irrigation projects, complex processes and developing agricultural products. As Operations and Product Development Manager Yossi worked on various applications in the water sector, developing products from initial stage up to final production and managing and leading watering projects both in Israel and globally.

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Tamir Carmon,

Process Engineer

A certified water engineer and a graduate of Kinneret College.

Tamir has experience in planning agriculture and municipal water systems mainly in Africa

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