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AquaHD pre-treatment products are complementary to the Natica Hydrodynamic separator system. The primary use of these equipment components is to remove large solids, reduce pollutant loads, and protect the Natica system.
Selecting the right pre-treatment technologies is essential in order to provide a reliable, high-quality supply of treated water.




AquaHD’s Rotary Drum Screen is a high-performance screen for solid-liquid separation. This first-stage water treatment solution is designed to remove the solids including vegetable matter and debris for further treatment. 

Operational Description:

  • Water is fed into a rotating drum via an infeed pipe or flume. The drum is made from perforated screen to allow water to pass through. 

  • Water is collected underneath the rotating screen in a catchment tray or tank. Debris stays on the screen and is carried to the waste bin.

  • The screen is equipped with cleaning bar sprays water on the drum to remove waste and prevent it from clogging the screen.


Standard Features

Screen Type: perforated
Screen Opening: 2-10 mm
Drum Length: 1,500 - 3,000 mm
Drum Diameter: 900 mm



Right Side Render(AquaHD).jpg

AquaHD's Static Screen filter is used for pre-treatment of water and wastewater to remove rough solids from water. The Static Screen is typically used when the solids are easily separated from the liquid and where the separated solids slide easily. 

Since there are no moving parts in the filter, no actuating equipment and it is self-cleaning, operation of the static screen is simple and no maintenance costs are associated with it. 

The components of the static screen filter include the feed box, filter channel, wire mesh and collection tank.


To avoid any corrosion and ensure product longevity, the Static Screen housings and components are constructed from polypropylene, the screen panel includes a multi-angle design that enhances performance and promotes better solids separation than flat panels.  


Standard Features

  • Screen openings as small as 0.25 mm

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel screen panel

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Flow distribution baffle maximizes solids capture

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