Carrot Packing House Proccessing Water Reuse 

We installed a particle removal system to optimise water consumption in a carrot packing house. The project success criteria were exceeded with an average of 89% turbidity removal and an average of 90% TSS removal without any changes in operation. 

Municipal Wastewater Reuse

AQUA HD installed 1 AQU 1500 and 1 AQU 500 separation system in a series to treat wastewater from 300-500 NTU and achieved recycled water quality complying with domestic standards. 

Municipal Drinking Water Treatment Plant

We installed a single AQUA HD separation unit to pumps water from the riverbank. Average turbidity removal performance of the separator (84.2%) and the average TSS removal (78.1%) exceeded the project's goals.

Tea Plantation Post Harvesting Water Treatment 



AQUA HD enabled the supply of clean and fresh water for post-harvesting process water and for tea plantations employees. 

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