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Algae Remover With Israeli and Dutch Technology Wins Dreamcatcher Water Innovation Prize

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Jorrit Timmers of the Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland received the incentive prize The Dreamcatcher of the Union of Water Boards on 12 December. He was awarded the prize for the development of a concept with Israeli and German water technology to remove algae from the Langeraarsche Plassen.

The Rijnland Water Board has been struggling with an algae problem in the Langeraarsche Plassen for years.

That is why Timmers contacted Flottweg Nederland, a specialist in separation technology, last year to find a solution to the algae problem. The company was just in talks with the Israeli start-up AQUA HD for the Dutch representation of its separation technology. “Together with Timmers, we have further developed the concept of removing the algae,” says Eric Leegwater, business development manager at Flottweg Nederland.

The idea is tantamount to the construction of a floating platform in the puddles with a combination of existing technologies. First the water with the algae is pumped up. Then it goes into a container in which a vegetable flocculant has been added to cluster the algae. The water then passes through the NATICA algae separator of AQUA HD. This is followed by the second step in the sedicant of Flottweg. The algae that remain can be used as a raw material for various products in the future.

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