With a rising demand for fish, aquaculture is fast becoming an important business. A high-quality water supply is vital for such a venture. It is not just the quality and chemical make-up of water that is important, but also what is pumped to the farm with that water.


An installation of a AQUA HD’s solution that results in a proper inlet treatment can achieve the following economic benefits:

  • feeding increased

  • feed conversion improved

  • final harvesting improved



  • Fish and shrimp farms Intake water

Many aquaculture systems generate high amounts of wastewater containing compounds such as suspended solids, total nitrogen and total phosphorus, with the number of fish farmed being directly proportional to the waste load. An efficient wastewater treatment system is therefore essential for intensive fish-farming.

AQUA HD’s solution effectively removes different types of particles when dealing with recycled water and effluents.


  • Fish and shrimp farms recycling water

  • Effluents

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