AQUA HD’s separation technology is equipped to deal with heavy loads of soil, eliminating of impurities in just one stage with no reduction in efficacy.

This compactness and low footprint is very important for water treatment system in urban areas. The solution is designed as ‘plug and play’ technology with no moving parts which ensures low maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Continuous removal of suspended solids under lower pressure consumes significantly less energy

Small Footprint

Requires up to 70% less floor space compared to alternative solutions available on the market today.

Enhancd Productivity

The separation process generates less sludge, improving equipment and operational efficiency.

Improved Efficacy

Proven to capture and remove dirt load of up to 4000 PPM without compromising efficacy.


Municipal Water Treatment

AQUA HD offers a separation solution to pump water from surface water as well as wastewater. Average turbidity removal performance of 94% and average TSS removal 88%

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