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Are you facing high solids in your water supply? 

Achieving a New Level of Particle Separation 

Compact and Scalable Water Treatment Solutions

AquaHD has revitalised the water industry by introducing the hydrodynamic separator, the Natica.


This hydrodynamic separator allows for more efficient water treatment with a footprint 30% lower than a traditional water treatment solution.

The Natica is scalable, highly efficient with a variety of particle sizes, can be quickly deployed on site, and its modular design means it can meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. 


Energy Efficient

Continuous removal of suspended solids under lower pressure consumes significantly less energy


Small Footprint

Requires up to 70% less floor space compared to alternative solutions available on the market today.


Enhancd Productivity

The separation process generates less sludge, improving equipment and operational efficiency.

Increased Dirt Load 2.png

Improved Efficacy

Proven to capture and remove dirt load of up to 4000 PPM without compromising efficacy.

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