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Separation and Filtration Systems

AQUA HD technology handles multistage water separation and treatment

simultaneously for an innovative, efficient and cost-effective solution

Applying the principles of fluid dynamics and fractal geometry found in nature, we achieve game-changing results in the removal of suspended solids from water


Energy Efficient

Continuous removal of suspended solids under lower pressure consumes significantly less energy


Small Footprint

Requires up to 70% less floor space compared to alternative solutions available on the market today.


Enhancd Productivity

The separation process generates less sludge, improving equipment and operational efficiency.


Higher Efficacy

Proven to capture and remove dirt load of up to 4000 PPM without compromising efficacy.

AQUA HD’s separation technology removes a wide range of organic and inorganic suspended solids. Equipped to deal with heavy loads of soil, it enables elimination of impurities in just one stage with no reduction in efficacy.

The solution is designed as a ‘plug and play’ device which has no moving parts ensuring low maintenance. This compactness and low footprint is very important for water treatment system in urban areas.

AQUA HD  technology has been successfully implemented in XX urban and agricultural locations worldwide. Have a look at our case studies for examples. 


The founders of Aqua HD have more than 60 years of experience between them in the field of international water purification. We were backed by Israel's Terralab Incubator and the Chief Scientist of the Israel Innovation Authority for our pilot projects and won second prize in the India-Israel Innovation Challenge.

AQUA HD has successfully scaled from out pilot projects to...(updated about)


The most efficient way to separate suspended solids from water, naturally.

AQUA HD’s breakthrough separation system is capable of capturing and removing suspended solids from flowing liquid in a continuous hydraulic manner. Our unique solution effectively separates particles with high size variability from 1 to 2000 microns from water with a dirt load of up to 4000 mg/l of total suspended solids (TSS).


The efficacy is maintained with increased dirt load and there is no need to make adjustments or stop the separation process. Operating under low pressure of only 5-8 m, the system consumes only 50% or less of the energy compared to existing separation systems.



Municipal Wastewater Reuse

AQUA HD installed 1 AQU 1500 and 1 AQU 500 separation system in a series to treat wastewater from 300-500 NTU and achieved recycled water quality complying with domestic standards. 

case studies

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